El’ Nynaeve ti al’Meara Mandragoran

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How simple it is to see Nynaeve as a hoity, controlling, self assured bitch. She is easily frustrated tugging her braid and sniffing at any opposition. Having been the youngest Wisdom in Two Rivers history, at the very beginning vowing to oversee her friends safety and at the end she holds to that vow – feels the weight of that vow, she is one of the strongest living Aes Sedai, a skilled scout able to sneak up on a Warder, unintimidated by Aes Sedai even in the White Tower, she cleansed the One Power alongside Rand, is a great Healer, – all these attributes could quite possibly give her all the bragging rights her heart desires. Nevertheless, Nynaeve is one of the most underappreciated, neh loathed, of the female characters.

What truly stands out about this deeply emotional women is her love for her husband, Lan. The unwavering devotion to the uncrowned King of Malkieri, Aan’allein, Lord of the Seven Towers is powerful. Her first act as Aes Sedai is to demand Lan’s Warder bond from Myrelle in a way only a fool would refuse!

I have never thanked you," she said, though she had to grit her teeth to get the words out. "I do so now. He lives because of you. I realize that. However, Myrelle, this is not a time to push me. Today, I have seen people I love slaughtered, I have been forced to consign children to living torment. I have been burned, scourged, and harrowed. I swear to you, woman, if you do not pass me Lan's bond this very moment, I will step into that tent and teach you the meaning of obedience. Do not press me. In the morning, I swear the Three Oaths. I'm free of them for one more night.”


And when her husband needs a little help Nynaeve finds a way to help…

My name is Nynaeve ti al’Meara Mandragoran. The message I want sent is this. My husband rides from World’s End toward Tarwin’s Gap, toward Tarmon Gai’don. Will he ride alone?


And the defining moment after her testing for the shawl…

Nynaeve nodded, back against the wall, holding the blanket in place and closing her eyes. “I realized that if I had to choose between becoming an Aes Sedai and going with Lan, I’d choose Lan. What people call me doesn’t change anything inside of me. Lan, however…he is more than a title. I can still channel—I can still be me—if I never become Aes Sedai. But I would never be myself again if I abandoned him. The world changed when I married him.”


Lan is a blessed man to have a women like Nynaeve to call wife.


  • 2Riversfan
    07/26/2017, 12:28 am  Reply

    She is my favorite female character in the series – and Moiraine is a close second. She has a beautiful and strong heart. She and Lan complement each other very well.

    • iandrus
      08/02/2017, 4:44 pm

      100% agree, 2Riversfan!

  • Ryrin
    10/05/2017, 6:39 pm  Reply

    I never loathed her. I watched many characters change throughout the books but Nynaeve had that strong heart, courage, and deep loyalty from the very beginning. When the WoT takes off due to the TV series, I will send people here. You are not unappreciated and I love your entries.

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