About Me

One woman's view on all things Wheel of Time


Prepare for all the braid tugging and sniffing you can handle. Did you just finish reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time for the first time? Or maybe you’ve read it multiple times? Either way this is the place for you – no testing or holding the oath rod. As Egwene required – the novice book is open to all. With a bit of wit, a touch of dramatics and genuine obsession with our friends from the Westlands I invite you to join me in discussion and journeying through THE MOST EPIC TALE OF OUR AGE.

Expect lively discussion, recipe creations straight from the Lion Throne (that will please even Elayne’s palate), and fun quizzes – crossword puzzles – polls! For parents, look for my parental guide with age recommendation and questions to guide your kiddos to be more like Perrin and Egwene – not Taim and Alviarin.

Why should you read my blog?

If you love the newly cleansed One Power, humankind empowerment, and Aes Sedai kicking ass, you will feel at home here. Here you will find my heart – what hooked me on the series – what kept me there.

What's in it for you?

Well, for starters, an entirely different perspective than is currently available on the Wheel of Time series. As an avid reader and all out Christian Feminist (yes, you read that correctly) the perspective you find here is purely unique and at times unexpected.

How did the site get started?

I started this site as a way to interact with others who needed more. After finishing Wheel of Time I was left with a void, as if all these friends were suddenly ripped away and I was being excluded from the truly awesome adventures they were just beginning. It is here that I will provide you with more.

I hail from Dallas, Texas, which is one of the fastest growing cities across our nation – explosive, some would say. No, we don’t ride horses to work or wear cowboy hats to dinner (or at least I don’t!) As the home of plastic surgery, with multiple high class malls only miles apart, coffee houses on every corner, and some of the best restaurants in the nation it is a melting pot within the melting pot. Entertainment being limitless I still find myself mostly enjoying a quiet place to read with good coffee and something sweet to nibble – preferably something extra dark chocolate.

One word to describe me:


(Vibrant, Loyal, Compassionate)

What is me to the core – five things that are VERY me, a few even very uniquely me: for starters I have been lost in love married since 2014 to my best friend and sexy beastly man – think Perrin mixed with Lan sprinkled with Garrett Bryne (yes, applaud me as long as you feel the need. Really winning here.) He is also the system administrator for mountainsofmist.com. Second, I have two 14 year old cats named Sateen and Toby. While I am a lover of animals and the planet these cats specifically are like my children. – but unlike Marillin Gemalphin I still like people. Third, I have been a nanny for ten+ years. While it is not lucrative it is free from the desk chain and I love kids. They are our future and their every choice will impact all of the things. Even if I only influence one child in my lifetime my hope is that child will grow up to be a fully functioning kind human –  a real Moiraine or Tam al’Thor. Fourth, uniquely me quality, after nine years of study I earned a BA Degree in Theology from a conservative Christian college. Not many people would stick to it for such an extended period of time – but that is me. Everything is worth the wait and the work. Fifth, and final descriptor, I grow trees and various plants as a hobby. Propagation is a way of life. Starting with a simple clipping of a live plant and nurturing it to a healthy adult plant is a beautiful thing to behold.