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Ermahgerd JerdernKern!!

  04.14.2018   deo   No comments

Only a few more days left until JordanCon10! We are looking forward to seeing everyone! Safe travels!

News Flash! JordanCon 2018 Canceled

  04.01.2018   deo   No comments

You heard right, tragically, Crowne Plaza Atlanta was overrun today by a tribe of Trollocs. It was reported that the horde specifically consisted of cruel bunny-man hybrid Trollocs. Thankfully no

Book Brain

  03.15.2018   iandrus   1 Comment

On occasion as a nanny I work evening/night hours. One particular evening the parents returned home late from their date night. The mom inquired how her son did that night.

Readers Lament

  03.08.2018   iandrus   1 Comment

Go back with me if you will… to that moment you read the final words on the final page of the final book. "The End of the Last Book of

Thou Shalt Not Read New Spring First

  09.01.2017   iandrus   6 Comments

If you are new to The Wheel of Time series you may be asking yourself, "Where does New Spring fit into the reading order?" Some fans recommend waiting until after