wheel of time

Thou Shalt Not Read New Spring First

  09.01.2017   iandrus   6 Comments

If you are new to The Wheel of Time series you may be asking yourself, "Where does New Spring fit into the reading order?" Some fans recommend waiting until after

Seanchan Kaf Roast

  08.25.2017   iandrus   2 Comments

To celebrate JordanCon’s “Homecoming” theme we present this Seachan Kaf Roast. Did you see the Solar Eclipse? That was a clear omen that you need to experience this full bodied

How Wheel of Time Inspires

  08.02.2017   iandrus   2 Comments

Each Ajah highlights a pivotal part of human nature. Robert Jordan helps us to understand ourselves better by breaking us down into categories. This is seen in the differing views

El’ Nynaeve ti al’Meara Mandragoran

  07.17.2017   iandrus   3 Comments

How simple it is to see Nynaeve as a hoity, controlling, self assured bitch. She is easily frustrated tugging her braid and sniffing at any opposition. Having been the…

Mistress al’Vere’s Honeycakes

  07.16.2017   iandrus   4 Comments

These honeycakes will take you back to the Winespring Inn during easier times. When badgers ran amuck on the Green and goodwives tried to marry off any eligible bachelor. Enjoy